On Demand Sporting Events captures moments that mean the most to you. Our job is to do the filming so you can enjoy the event you are watching with the ability to view it again online or order a DVD or Blu-Ray from our site.

Heading to college? Every college today is looking for game footage of athletes. You can take our archived footage to submit to the colleges or have a scout tune in live. On Demand Sporting Events provides a vital service for athletes looking for an edge to get recruited.  The key to recruitment is being noticed. There is no better way to get noticed than to provide a recruiter with clear, compelling video of your sporting accomplishments, and this is what we do best.

The great thing about our service is you can make a highlight or recruitment video from any game that is archived. If we have filmed multiple games of your son or daughter, you have the opportunity to go through each game and have us produce a custom video that fits your needs. Everything we have will be up there to order and/or view for years to come.

Don’t let distance, weather or a busy schedule stop you from watching your son or daughter’s big game, use our live streaming service to watch each game live from anywhere!

We are always looking for referrals or new games to film. If you are interested please call Joe at 207-893-0010 or email dvm@roadrunner.com. We welcome any ideas to improve our services. If you have suggestions please go to out Contact Us page and submit your comments in the suggestion box. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

On Demand Sporting Events! WE SHOOT YOU SCORE!